Brake disc skimming is the process in which the brake discs of a vehicle is skimmed to renew the disk surface.Brake discs can be skimmed more than once during it’s live time

Disc skimming can add valuable time to the lifespan of the brake discs of a vehicle

What are tell-tale signs that brake discs need some attention

  • Discs are blemished or rusty
  • Brake pads are ready to be changed but the discs are not completely worn yet
  • Brakes feel spongy
  • There are brake vibration or judder
  • Squealing of the brakes

Why Skim the Discs

  • Skimming removes the “wear” lip created by repeated braking
  • The disc contact surface is cleaned from rust, dust and other particles that may cause damage to the braking system
  • All friction material and debris that may be embedded into the disk is safely removed with skimming
  • Noticeable improvement in brake efficiency after skimming of the discs
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skimming on car